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  • The Spotted Quoll Studio

    The Spotted Quoll Studio

    Hello my range of ethical wares ranges from 98% recycled cushions made in Australia using water based inks, removable PVC FREE fabric wall spots, a beautiful range of save the forest eco beads, organic clothing range which is designed and made in Tasmania including scarves, unisex hoodies (not made in Tassie but sweat shop free & organic) and a beautiful easy wear ladies range. We also donate & sponsor the Tasmanian Devil Appeal and other worth while environmental causes. All our product cards/packing is recycled and we minimise any wastage within our design practices. We really are a lovable bunch!


    • It is a bit hard to select just one category as we are home wares, jewellery, fashion, men's wear and growing the range all the time.

  • Smart Glass Recycled Jewellery

    Smart Glass Recycled Jewellery

    Recycling…It’s a smart way to look good. And there’s no smarter combination than SMART GLASS JEWELRY and a recycled bottle. Each piece of handmade jewelry features recycled glass, sterling silver, or gold fill. Look closely. You’ll see some of your favorite products in a whole new light. The colorful glass used in this recycled line is individually selected and cut from an empty bottle, ensuring that each SMART GLASS JEWELRY piece is an original work of art. 


  • Tagua Accessories

    Tagua Accessories

    Tagua Accessories has a wide variety of accessories and jewellery, made out of exotic materials of vegetal origin, such as Tagua also known as Vegetable Ivory€Ě, Orange peel, Coffee beans and different seeds to created eco friendly products including necklaces, bracelets, ring, key ringsbags .

    Where we play with the colour, texture, creativity and design, resulting wonderful accessories to give or wear. Tagua nut or vegetable ivory is fruit of palm tree grows in the deep tropical rainforest of Colombia, South America; Tagua is one of the worlds most sought after natural material for woman accessories. It's unique texture hardness and color makes  Tagua a perfect natural replacement for animal ivory which saves the lives of elephants.


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