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Julie London Unique Handbags


In a world of globalization and mass production, a talented handbag designer has drawn inspiration from nature and discarded fabrics, to create divine, one-off creations, which are eco-conscious, practical, and above all—simply beautiful!

Julie London has had a passion for fabrics since she was a child. Growing up, there were always beautiful fabrics around the house and the hum of a sewing machine in the background. Her mum was a machinist who always encouraged her to be creative and taught her to sew from an early age.
Over the years, her love for vintage has inspired her to collect fabrics and antique buttons. A few years ago she decided to put her creative energy to good use and the first handbag range was born.

Julie handcrafts each bag in Sydney, using materials and fabrics, which have been up-cycled from upholstery sample-books and offcuts, as well as antique and vintage fabrics. You won’t find any animal products or cheap nylon linings in these bags. Many of her pieces are adorned with antique buttons, imparting a truly eclectic flavour. When you look at the luxurious range, it’s hard to believe that such gorgeous creations are made from materials that would have ended up as landfill.

Julie’s background in graphic design provides her with an exceptional eye for combining different fabrics and colours. The end result is truly unique handbags. Each lovingly crafted bag contains a spiritual aspect, which Julie hopes gives the owner additional joy.

In naming the current handbag range, Julie was naturally inspired by the amazing creatures that grace our Earth. The bags feature enchanting names: ‘Hummingbird handbag’ (small tote), ‘Dragonfly’ (medium carpetbag), ‘Butterfly’ handbag (medium tote), ‘Little Wren’ handbag (small evening), ‘Carrier Pigeon’ handbag (medium over the shoulder postbag) and ‘Mother Hen’ (large tote).

Prices start at $198. Visit her website to browse the divine collection and be tempted to buy one for yourself or someone you love.




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