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My Eco Enlightenment

Some of the fondest memories that I have from childhood involve nature and animals. I mothered a menagerie of pets my mother let me keep, including; a baby wild pig, a lamb, 4 generations of guinea pigs, 2 rabbits, 2 dogs, turtles, a mischievous cat, budgies, 2 generations of mice, chicks that grew into chickens, goldfish, hermit crabs, geckos, blue tongue lizards and a vast array of insects including praying mantis, ladybirds, beetles and ants. I also remember fondly milking cows with my grandfather in the north of Spain, eating freshly fallen walnuts, discovering live treasures in rock pools, racing turtles in Bingara, capturing tadpoles down the street and rabbit hunting with my dad.

Now, the only pet we have is a very cute cocker spaniel called Ebony. I spend most of my time in the city working or in suburbia mothering my two sunbeams; Pablo and Luna. From the moment I discovered life growing inside me, I became increasingly aware of what I put into my body and on my body. It’s as though a little switch clicked on in my subconscious. That little switch lit up particular areas in my life that I never really noticed; my health, the welfare of those around me, what I was buying and my lack of time.

I guess having to set an example for my children inspires some sort of improved behavior as a human being, so when my sister suggested that we attend David Suzukis last lecture at the Sydney Opera house, I said why not.

During the one-hour lecture, all the thoughts and concerns that had been quietly occupying my mind suddenly aroused from sleep and awakened me. As the days went by David’s words continued to lurk in my brain calling out for attention, and attention they did get. I began to look for ways to get rid of the toxins in my life. I researched products to substitute what I had been using for years. I visited countless websites and searched stores for healthier alternatives that were better for my health and the earth. It was taking a lot of my time, time I didn’t really have - running my own business and a household, being a wife and rearing two kids is time consuming enough.

My frustration increased as I struggled to find the answers that I was looking for efficiently within one site, and that’s when it hit me. I’d make one. I’d create the site that would be the one stop portal for all your eco needs and info. So taking my 15+ years experience as a digital media designer, I decided to create my own and that’s how EarthFirst was born.

Right from the start I wanted to design a website that was approachable by anyone - I didn’t want this targeted solely at already informed environmentalists.
I wanted the site to connect with anyone and everyone who may be starting to think like I was. I wanted to make it easy for them to find safe products and services, to read about social and environmental issues. And to help them do their little bit to help make the Earth a healthier world.

During the creation of EarthFirst, I also ventured into my personal journey of living a greener life. A journey that has been a little harder than expected and still continues to challenge me. Non the less, it’s been an enlightening experience, which has often left me deeply worried, angry at manufacturers, at times fanatical but also filled with optimistic hope.

These are some of the steps that I took towards leading a greener existence…

I’m sure the green journey I’ve embarked upon will contribute to a healthier family and Earth. Like most of us, I can’t do everything, but at least I’m trying my best, because as I say on our EarthFirst website, every little thing counts. 


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