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The Narwhal or Narwhale is often called the "unicorn of the sea" because of the long tusk protruding from its jaw. This surreal creature can be found swimming in the icy waters of Greenland and Canada around the Arctic seas.

Narwhals are migratory species that are related to the beluga whale. They have a restricted diet consisting of flatfish, shrimp, cuttlefish and squid.

Narwhals have the ability to make some of the deepest dives ever recorded for a marine mammal they can dive to depths of up to 800m under dense ice.

They are still-hunted for their meat and ivory by Canadian inuit (indigenous) people. Narwhals can create complex sounds of clicks, whistles and knocks in order to investigate their environment and to search for food.

Narwhals can live for 50 years however none have survived for very long in captivity.

Whilst populations are stable at around 75,000, the Narwhal is particularly susceptible to climate change due to the fact that it only inhabits a very small area of the earth and has a very limited diet. Unfortunately its estimated that they will be reach threatened status by 2017.

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Save the Narwhals

source: Wikipedia

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