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  • Systems Pest Management

    Systems Pest Management

    Since 1983, we have been providing low hazard and non-chemical, effective pest management to our valued customers. Specialising in termites (and other timber pests), cockroaches and rodents with free advice and information provided for all other household pests. Suitable for allergy sufferers, people sensitive to chemicals and people genuinely concerned about our environment. Socially and Environmentally responsible pest management


  • Termimesh - Original Termite Barrier

    Termimesh - Original Termite Barrier

    The Termimesh system is a physical termite barrier made from superior grade stainless steel mesh. It is highly effective, technically advanced, and protected by the industry’s safest guarantee. It's a long lasting barrier which saves you money over time. Most importantly Termimesh will protect your whole home, whilst being poison-free and safe for your family and the environment. The system is currently protecting over 400,000 homes around Australia.


  • Granitgard


    The Granitgard system of graded stone, strip shielding and Blockaid is a unique combination of environmentally friendly products that provides simple and effective termite protection in almost all building situations. Natural-Made from specially graded and shaped stone particles. Safe-There are no toxic substances in Granitgard. Guaranteed-Comprehensive 50 year warranty covers all timber in the building. Long Lasting-Uses durable materials that will block termites for the life of the building. Economical- Affordable initial price with no ongoing retreatment costs. Proven Effective- Developed over 15 years in conjunction with CSIRO and used successfully in more than 150,000 buildings across Australia. Fully Approved- Complies with Australian Standards, the Building Code of Australia.


  • Termitrust - Pest Control Experts

    Termitrust - Pest Control Experts

    Termitrust are Australia’s trusted name in pest control, providing safe and reliable pest management solutions to homes and businesses for over 20 years. All the products we use are fully tested and approved by relevant Australian government authorities. You may have questions or concerns about their impact on your home and the environment. We provide relevant information for you to make a judgement and can offer alternative options if you are concerned about chemical treatments.


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