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environmentally friendly products for your pets

Pets are more than just animals who live with us: they are loving companions and part of the family. Pets deserve as much consideration as humans when it comes to the safety of the food they eat, beds they sleep on and toys they play with.

Earth First has compiled a list of companies who provide organic and chemical free products for your pet. If you know of any other great companies we can feature, please let us know.

  • Essential Dog

    Essential Dog

    We are a 100% Australian made & owned brand passionate about providing safer and natural alternatives for pet owners with our premium dog grooming products.

    Our ingredients are plant-derived and free from sulphates, soap, parabens, dyes and synthetic fragrances. Our ultra mild, pH balanced products are professionally formulated for sensitive skin and ensure your dog is not stripped of its natural oils. All products contain sugar based cleansers, 7 certified organic extracts of chamomile, comfrey, calendula, burdock root, nettle & horsetail as well as heavenly aromatherapy blends, concentrated premium oils, vitamins and antioxidants. 100% Biodegradable and Recyclable Packaging.


  • BowHouse


    Here at Bowhouse we love animals, particularly our furry four-legged friends, and we are particularly passionate about dogs and cats.
    We like to stick to what we are good at, so we do not supply products for horses, fish, birds, reptiles or other creatures.

    We believe passionately in Doing the Right Thing.


  • Eco Pure Naturals

    Eco Pure Naturals

    ecoPure® Natural's focus is on developing natural products for pet wellness and care.
    Using natural ingredients decreases the burden we place on our fragile environment because they are renewal and sustainable.
    Pets are developing diseases that were unheard of years ago, such as diabetes, cancer, liver and kidney diseases, and many people believe this is related to artificial ingredients that can be detrimental to the health of their pets. 


    • Appetite enhancer, aromatherapy, natural ear care, flea and tick, odor and spot remover, shampoo, skin care, supplements, treats

  • Rentachook


    An environmentally sustainable pet that creates fresh, free range eggs at home! Rent a chicken and a chicken coop for your backyard.

    Rentachook makes keeping chooks at home easy. Our customers get all the support and advice they need to make their chooks a success. We manufacture and sell eco-friendly chicken coops as well as hens, certified organic feed and everything else chooks might need. 

    We also invented the rent-try-buy option that allows you to give it a go without committing permanently. Selling backyard chickens since 2001, we have pioneered sustainable suburban chooks and continue to focus on customer support and advice.


    • Rent or buy a chicken Buy or rent a chicken coop Certified organic chook feed Fly traps eco-coops



    The RSPCA is a community based charity that works to prevent cruelty to animals by actively promoting their care and protection. RSPCA Australia is home to a strong science and campaigns team, with a particular focus on farm animal issues. RSPCA Australia is responsible for facilitating national campaigns and events and representing the interests of animal welfare with Government and industry across all areas. Campaigns including live export, whips in racing, layer hens, pig farming, meat chickens, desexing, dairy farming, food labelling and many more issues. Visit our website for more info.


  • Cool Dogs

    Cool Dogs

    Australian online Gift Shop for dog lovers with gift ideas for dog lovers. Buy online dog accessories collar, leash, toy, bed, coat and much more. Our online dog shop may be the largest in Australia.


    • Dog shop, dog leash, dog toy, dog harness, dog coat, dog supplies, dog clothing, collar dog, dog bed, Dog Collars, Dog Coats, dog products, dog accessories, Dog jewellery, winter dog clothes, designer dog clothes, Dog jeans, toy for dog, dogs toy, dog grooming

  • Fitdog


    We select products made in Australia, America and around the world that are made from non-toxic, natural, recyclable, sustainable, organic or biodegradable materials.

    Our green goods include recyclable Dog Bowls, biodegradable Dog Beds, well designed, safe Dog Toys, modern Dog Collars, Natural Dog Treats all that leave a minimal paw print.

    FitDog is a family business, based on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland and we look forward to an opportunity to serve you.

    We are dedicated to finding supplies that are good for your dog and good for the planet.


    • Fairtrade, non toxic and eco conscious dog accessories including: Collars, leads, poop bags, dog toys, bowls and treats, dog shampoos, dog beds.

  • Pure Bamboo

    Pure Bamboo

    Pure Bamboo brings you natural bamboo charcoal products to purify your air and to absorb odours and moisture from around your home and beauty products that uplift and revitalise.


    • Natural deodoriser and dehumidifier, Body soap, bamboo charcoal powder, bamboo vinegar, spa pack, pet area deodoriser

  • Natural Animal Solutions

    Natural Animal Solutions

    Natural Animal Solutions brings you only the best in natural pet care. Our range comprises of Herbal Grooming, Natural Supplementation and Herbal Medicinal preparations for dogs, cats and horses. We guarantee that our products are 100% natural and effective.


  • eKokat


    Eco Pets International is a company whose mission is to provide the consumer with a line of fully ecological products. The scope is to improve the quality of our pets' lives while promoting a safer and healthier environment for all of us.

    If you are an animal lover who cares about the environment, choosing a product that is completely safe and beneficial to the happiness of your pet and our planet is an absolute priority.

    At Eco Pets International, we are fully aware of the fact that there are hundreds of pet products available on the market. A product is often a compromise between product performance and ecological expectations. Unfortunately for the environment, the best performing products are not necessarily the “greenest” products.

    No chemicals, safe for the environment, vet approved, low dust, 3x lighter than clay litter, wont scratch floors.


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