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Fashion / Recycled Fashion

  • Julie London Handbags

    Julie London Handbags

    Julie handcrafts each bag in Sydney, using materials and fabrics, which have been up-scaled from upholstery sample-books and offcuts, as well as antique and vintage fabrics. You won’t find any animal products or cheap nylon linings in these bags. Many of her pieces are adorned with antique buttons, imparting a truly eclectic flavour. When you look at the luxurious range, it’s hard to believe that such gorgeous creations are made from materials that would have ended up as landfill.

    The bags feature enchanting names: ‘Hummingbird handbag’ (small tote), ‘Dragonfly’ (medium carpetbag), ‘Butterfly’ handbag (medium tote), ‘Little Wren’ handbag (small evening), ‘Carrier Pigeon’ handbag (medium over the shoulder postbag) and ‘Mother Hen’ (large tote).

    Prices start at $198.


  • I died and went to vintage

    I died and went to vintage

    Beautifully styled and lovingly sourced around the world, Vintage clorhing with a modern twist.


  • Metamorfixx


    Metamorfixx is the creation of creative fashionista Petra Hanson. She up-cycles closets by transforming dated and unwanted fashion items into  amazing re-creations! It's a great way to recycle fashion.


  • Salvos


    Being thrifty is charitable as well as eco-conscious. The Salvation Stores stock a wide range of products as well as fashion for men, ladies, children and babies. Donations are also a wonderful way of giving back to the community and of not being wasteful. Someone


  • St Vincents de Paul Society

    St Vincents de Paul Society

    Shop for a better world. Or donate your unwanted clothes, home wares, toys or furniture to someone who will want it! Products: home wares, fashion, furniture, toys, baby and childrens wear, books.


    • Second-hand clothes for women, men, children and babies. Also home wears, furniture, and just about everything and anything you can think off!

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