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Reuse, borrow and Recycle


We all know the catchphrase "Reduce, reuse, recycle." This article deals with the 'reuse' part of the equation. If you have something you no longer need that is not worth much to sell, whether it be toys, a lawnmower, books or even clothes, don't add to landfill by throwing it away. Why not give it away by joining a swapping group. By doing this you not only find a new home for the things you no longer want, you can find something you need for free as well.

Our homes are filled with items that we only use a couple of times a year or even every couple of years. Take a moment to consider the things that you've purchased which don't get used very often. A sewing machine perhaps or tools in the shed? A lot of our hard earned cash gets wasted on things that get little use, so why don't you consider borrowing it from a neighbour, friend or someone online?

There are many ways you can join the swapping revolution which is spreading on a global scale. It will save you money, space and most importantly save the worlds resources.

Take a look at some of the great resources available to you...

freecycle is a global network with over 8,951,334 members. It's a nonprofit movement for people who are giving and getting stuff for free all over the world. It's all about reuse and keeping stuff our of landfills.

You join a group and post the items you want to give away. You have the ability to get something you need as well.


Neighborrow is a group that lets you lend and borrow stuff in a low risk situation. Some things are free to borrow and some charge a fee.

It's the ideal place to go to if you're looking to borrow something you need to use but don't need to own it.


The Loanables site that allows people to borrow or loan items that they might not need all the time. There are charges for borrowing items, so it's sort of like renting.


Bookcrossing is a fun way to recycle your old books. It is like a worldwide library. You send your book to someone who wants to read it and when they're finished they can send it to someone else. The book's travels are logged on the site. It's not only a way to lend books, but to meet like-minded readers.

Swap clothes

Clothes are expensive and in some cases we only wear a special dress once or twice. Why not participate in clothes swapping with old friends, or new ones you're yet to meet. There are a few sites that cater to this-

swishing clothing swap
The clothing exchange  

The following sites rely on swapping stuff you don't want for stuff you do. In the UK there's SwapIt and in Australia there's Swapace. and Swap it funded by the government.

swap it swapace
swap it  

I'm sure there are lots of other sites to check out, take a look at the EarthFirst Green guide recycling section and let us know if you come across any that we should include on our website. Your next CD, dress or book could come guilt-free, moneywise and with an eco-conscious. Now that's the way of the future!



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