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Road Test - AUM Anti Age Organics


Hi everyone. Today I’m posting about AUM Anti Age Organics. I’m usually not a user of skin care products. My skincare routine consists of washing my face with Sorbolene soap and that’s it. Recently, I’ve noticed more wrinkles appearing (they seem to sneak onto my skin when I’m not looking). I decided it may be time to call in some help.

I have sensitive skin, so only wanted to try an organic product. A previous experience with a well-known, non-organic brand left my face red and burning as the sales assistant hopped around freaking out, wiping the product off my face whilst praying I wouldn’t sue. After checking my options on the net, I chose AUM. I bought their Firming Eye Cream, Line Minimising Cream and Firming Day Cream (ok, so I went a little overboard but I’m panicking here).

I’ll go with the positives first. I’m not allergic to it – not exciting for many but it was a relief to apply the products without getting a rash or burning sensation. The products feel nice on the skin and are not greasy and the price is in the mid-range for skin-care products. The big negative for me was the smell. The fragrance is not terrible, but very strong – my husband had to ask, “What is that smell?” Not exactly what you want to be asked, but anyway…

Finally, the important part – did it work? I’m a skeptic and never believe the claims on the bottle and have to admit - I can’t tell. I did not take before photos, which I probably should have, but someone did comment that I looked good on a day when I had about five hours sleep and wasn’t feeling great. Maybe it will take more time, so I’ll update you in a couple of months and tell you if I’ve managed to banish some of those characterful lines from my face. In the meantime, if you’re looking for a new organic product to try, this could be for you.

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