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Road Test- Sanctum Purifying Clay Mask


With a relaxing name and earthy, soothing colours on the packing, this clay face mask with 100% natural ingredients is a wonderful way to pamper yourself. This mask is made by Sanctum, a family owned Australian Company, located in Byron Bay on the east coast of Australia.

Their range includes shampoo and conditioners, toners, moisturisers, deodorants, body balms and even a men’s and baby’s range, all of which contain at least 70% certified organic ingredients with some of the products being 95% organic certified. They don’t test on animals and are vegan certified.

The clay mask, which I am using, is 85% organic and 100% natural origin and has a mild fragrance and feels wonderful to apply, with a smooth, silky texture. You leave it on for ten to fifteen minutes and rinse off - easy peasy! It left my skin feeling smooth, soft and tight (what you want when you’re forty). It didn’t upset my skin at all (for those of you who have been reading my road tests, you’ll know I have sensitive skin).

I highly recommend this product and will try out more from their range, so stay tuned. To view Sanctums full product range visit their website.


A note from EarthFirst:

The only negative we found, relates to the packaging, which states that it's made from 100% recycled paper. That is true however one side of the box is covered in a matt celloglaze, which makes it feel luxurious, but which is not recycleable. Matt Celloglaze is a very thin layer of film made of plastic which is 'printed' to the paper during the printing process. It's commonly used on brochures, business cards, book covers and packaging etc  to make the printed items more durable and also feel nice to the touch.

The only way to recycle items that have been celloglazed is to manually strip the coating. Manufacturers are currently trying to create a recyclable celloglaze. 

What do you think?