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Roadtest- FitDog keeps those tails wagging


As most dog owners know, chewing is one of the favourite past times for young puppies so any thoughtful pet owner should be mindful of the materials that their fury loved ones spend their time chewing.

The majority of pet toys contain toxic chemicals, and do not use BPA free plastics. For many pet owners, finding eco-pet-toys is proving to be a challenging task.

According to the Australian Companion Council two-thirds of Australian households own a pet. Its surprises me that there aren’t more eco and pet-healthy-conscious products in the marketplace. It also makes me wonder how many pets are affected by harmful toys every year?

The good news is that the number of Eco-Pet accessory suppliers is increasing slowly and as we stumble across them (or our readers inform us), we will be adding them to our green guide.

Over the last couple of weeks our new cocker spaniel puppy Ebony has been road testing two 100% Eco-friendly toys, that FitDog so generously sent our way.

The first item is a Wool Ball. It’s a tennis-sized ball made entirely of 100% New Zealand wool. Its great for playing fetch, or at least training her to learn how to play fetch. At the moment she enjoys chewing it so much that it’s a tug-a-war to get it off her! She loves this ball so much she plays with it every day since she got it. They come in gorgeous colours and are only $5.95!

The second toy and her absolute favourite is the Ringzees. The come in small and large in fuscia and royal blue. They are non-toxic and made with 100% New Zealand wool.

Considering the amount of time she spends chewing it, I'm really surprised that it's still in tact. I guess it is as durable as their website claims!

FitDogs website features a wide range of products including dog bowls, biodegradable dog Beds, safe grooming products, poop bags, dog toys, leads and collars, natural dog treats all that leave a minimal paw print.

FitDogs goal is to offer goods that are non-toxic in order to create a safe environment for pups and show the same care and devotion that we devote to people.

Dogs love to romp and explore the environment by offering goods that are sustainable, recyclable or biodegradable FitDog is assisting to nurture our favourite natural playgrounds.

So now that we’ve covered the eco toys, don’t forget to use biodegradable poop bags, wash your fury loved one with products that do not contain Sodium Lauryl Sulfate and most importantly provide your pet with a diet that is as natural, free-range and organic as possible. Read the labels and beware of harmful additives and preservatives.

Tell us about what you’re doing to provide your pet with an eco lifestyle, what products are you using that you think are awesome?

What do you think?