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Rubbish Free Lunch Box


It's estimated that each school child is responsible for creating over 30kg of waste from their lunchbox each year. If you do your maths thats a lot of rubbish when you multiply it by 13 years of schooling!

Convenience would have to be one of the key drivers in generating lunchbox trash, however the vast array of products on our supermarket shelves that entice us and our children with fun looking single-use and single packaged goodies is driving our spending up and filling our landfills with unnecessary waste.

So how can we reduce lunchbox trash?

  • Purchase lunchboxes that are the same size as sandwiches, this avoids the need for cling wrap or plastic bags. Ensure its BPA free.
  • Buy less single packaged snacks and spend more time in the kitchen with kids cooking yummy biscuits, slices, muffins etc.
  • Use reusable drink containers and avoid buying drink poppers. They cannot be recycled due to the fact that they are contain so many materias including; plastic, paper and foil.
  • Approach your school about creating waste-free lunch days at school.
  • Instead of giving the children disposable spoons or forks for their yoghurt or fruit snacks, use old stainless steel cutlery or get some from a second-hand shop. So if it gets lost it wont be such a big deal.
  • Use cloth napkins instead of paper ones.
  • Purchase biscuits and crackers in bigger packs that you can then serve in small reusable containers.

Below are some of the lunchboxes that I've been using for myself and the kids. We rarely use plastic film, plstic bags, foil or wax paper. The larger box is great because it contains little compartments and containers to store all their yummy snacks.

Most supermarkets stores stock them or you can see the full range at the Nude Food Movers website 


The U Konserve Bamboo spork is awesome!  Available from Biome.


We've been using these for a year now, they are very convenient for winter lunches. Leftovers, soup and noodles make a great change from sandwiches.


Other options:

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