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Smelly Puppy


Two weeks ago we got our first puppy, her name is Ebony and she is the cutest cocker spaniel in the world. Well at least in our world!

Having not owned a dog since I was a child, I found the weeks of preplanning for her arrival a little overwhelming. I tried to read up about what to feed her, toilet training, what games to play with her, sleeping patterns, what to buy, immunizations and all things related to being the new mum for baby dog.

There was so much I didn’t know that I had the whole family including my 7 and 9 year olds reading blogs that I emailed them so that we could all get up to speed for her anticipated arrival.

The day arrived and our hearts melted and instantly connected, the second we saw her shaking with fright in the little dog crate that had flown from Melbourne to Sydney.

Cute as she was the smell she exuded wasn’t so cute. So the following day we took her to the local dog wash, were we were told that she wasn’t allowed to have a bath until she was 16 weeks, due to the fact that she wasn’t completely immunized and under threat of catching something fatal from other dogs.

A week later the stinkyness increased and I decided to take the matter into my own hands. To alleviate the guilt of washing her before she was 16 weeks, I decided to find a product that was natural based, so that I could at least ensure that her skin wouldn’t get damaged with any of the bad chemicals that lurk in most shampoos.

I remembered that ‘Perfect Potion’ stocks ‘Furry Animal Shampoo’ which is derived from natural ingredients and can be used on any furry pet including horses!
I must admit that she did not enjoy the bath at all and whimpered through the whole thing, even though it only too me about 4 minutes. I speed through the lathering and rinsing as fast as I could to ensure that the experience as un-traumatic as possible for her.

Ten minutes later she was wrapped cozily in a towel snoozing on my lap smelling like Lavender and Tea Tree.
Happy days for all and extra cuddles for Ebony because now she isn't smelly anymore!

Disclaimer: It’s not recommended that puppies are washed prior to having their 3rd immunisation at 16 weeks in order to keep them safe from fatal diseases that other dogs might infect them with at dog washes. And also to avoid removing the natural oils that protect their skin and fur. Consult your local Vet if you have any queries.

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