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Green Power, Energy & Water Saving / Solar Power

  • Energus


    The Energus team has over 70 years combined experience within the solar industry. Energus has world leading experience covering areas from solar cell technology, solar module development, module performance, module durability through to system design, integration, installation and project management.

    Energus is committed to providing leading edge technologies coupled with industry leading installation practices ensuring optimum system performance and achieving the system design life.


  • Leadsun


    Leadsun is a leading manufacturer of solar-powered LED lighting products that have been designed and developed to meet the requirements for Government, Industrial and Residential applications. such as: Energy Efficient Solar Street Lighting, Solar Lights for Car Parks & Bus Shelters, Solar Billboard, Signage Lighting, Solar Courtyard, Solar Garden Lighting, Energy Efficient Lighting for Mining, Rail, Commercial Solar Lighting & Strata, Security & Perimeter Solar Lighting, Solar Lights for Pathways & Driveways.

    Our Green Friendly solar lighting range has revolutionized the industry by offering innovative and sustainable designs perfect for all types of installations.


    • Green Friendly solar lighting, Solar Street Lighting, Solar LightsBus Shelters Solar Lights, Solar Billboard, Signage Lighting, Solar Garden Lighting, Commercial Solar Lighting, Security Perimeter Solar Lighting.

  • Eclipse Solar

    Eclipse Solar

    Eclipse Solar provides solar panel installation services and supplies REC solar panels and solar hot water systems in Queensland, including Nambour, the Sunshine Coast, the Gold Coast and Brisbane.


  • NECO


    Regardless of whether you are a climate change believer or skeptic, you'll agree that we cannot continue to treat the Earth the way we have. We all need to live a more sustainable and eco-friendly lifestyle, and to take better care of our environment, for the sake of our children and grandchildren. Neco's mission is to educate Australian's about sustainable living, and living a more eco-friendly lifestyle. It's not about making compromises, or becoming radical Greenies - it's about smart green living.


  • Solarrec


    The Solar Rewable corp supplies solar panels in residential properties Australia wide.


  • Australis Solar

    Australis Solar

    Australis Solar is a renewable energy solutions provider based in Perth, Western Australia. We design and install photovoltaic grid connect systems and solar energy monitoring equipment for homes and workplaces. We work in the Perth metro area and around Western Australia.
    Approved by the Clean Energy Council, we stock a quality range of solar panels, inverters, mounting systems and solar power products.


  • Infinity Solar

    Infinity Solar

    At Infinity Solar we’re committed to providing you with the best quality solar power solutions. With offices up and down the east coast (and a touch further west in Toowoomba) we service everywhere from the largest cities to the tiniest towns - and everywhere in between.


  • Solar Systems

    Solar Systems

    Professional Solar Power System Adelaide installation services anywhere in Australia, it includes easy steps to Design Your Own complete solar power system to work like your own electric company.

    This electricity produced is then used to power your house. If you are connected to the electricity grid and you are producing more than you are using, the excess electricity is fed back into the grid and a bi-directional meter records the amount of power which you export. Most electricity retailers will credit you 44 cents per Kw/h on to your electricity account (this is around double what you pay for power).


  • Solarise


    Solarise our mission is to make alternative energy more accessible to Australians by making it easier and more affordable to solarise your home and start saving quickly.

    Solarise is led by experienced professionals with years of expertise in the solar industry. We choose to use only highly efficient, monocrystalline panels with quality inverters and experienced installers, who are accredited by the CEC (Clean Energy Council) so you can have peace of mind.


  • M2 Greener Living Solutions

    M2 Greener Living Solutions

    One stop shop for sustainable solutions.


    • Solar power, hot water systems, rainwater tanks, led lighting, underground water tanks, bladder tanks, pumps, pool & spa equipment, grey water system, garden beds and pots, clotheslines, etc.