The CHEM-ELEON iPhone app

The CHEM-ELEON iPhone app

The additive aware CHEM-ELEON helps you to find out what those chemicals hiding in your food really are!

For thousands of years the human diet consisted of fresh fruits, vegetables, grains, and meat that came directly from the land on to our plates. 

Today however the majority of foods found on supermarket shelves are loaded with potentially harmful chemical additives, preservatives and many unnatural dangerous substances.

If you've ever been confused about the foreign looking and cryptic ingredient names and numbers that appear on some of the products that you've purchased, you're not alone!

That’s why EarthFirst created Chemeleon. An iPhone app that makes it simple and easy for you to look up an ingredient by name or number. 

All you have to do is enter the name or number of the chemical or ingredient and the chemical smart Chemeleon will chage colours to let you know if an ingredient or chemical is harmful (red), should be avoided(orange) or safe(green).

You'll find Chemeleon really useful if...

  • You have food allergies or intolerences
  • Aleviate skin conditions
  • Are health conscious
  • Pregnant or trying to get a bun in the oven.
  • Detoxing
  • You're watching what your children eat
  • Avoiding chemicals to reduce the side effects of ADD
  • Using a diet to reduce food intolerence for autism and asperger disorders.
  • Want to live a long healthy chemical-free life

If you have any questions, suggestions or feedback contact EarthFirst.

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Chemeleon is a creation of EarthFirst.

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