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Transportation & Travel

Global Warming is an issue that concerns everyone around the world; air flights are particularly damaging to the environment. If you’re committed to environmentally responsible travel, it's important to consider offsetting your carbon emissions.  Some travel agencies and flight companies already offer this option when you purchase your tickets.  If they don’t you can do it yourself at Climate Friendly.

The cars that we depend on every day to get from A to B also have a large impact on global warming.  There are eco alternatives that use alternative fuel sources.

There are currently 5 types of alternative fuel sources that can be used instead of petroleum:

  •  Ethanol (renewable resource added to gasoline)
  • Natural Gas (example: Honda Civic GX)
  •  Biodiesel (examples: many VW vehicles, Mercedes E320 CDI)
  • Propane (used in over 8 million vehicles worldwide)
  • Hydrogen (examples: Honda FCX, Ford Focus FCV, BMW Hydrogen 7, Toyota FCHV)

A good place to start is to consider whether you actually need two cars for your household.  Cutting back can save you huge costs in fuel, repairs, insurance and rego costs.
Take a look at the Green vehicle guide and see how your car rates.

  • Southern Ocean Lodge- Kangaroo Island

    Southern Ocean Lodge- Kangaroo Island

    Southern Ocean Lodge is Australia's first true luxury lodge, offering a unique and exclusive travel experience on Kangaroo Island in South Australia. Floating atop a secluded cliff on a rugged stretch of coast, the lodge commands peerless views of the wild Southern Ocean and pristine Kangaroo Island wilderness. Sensitive, intimate and sophisticated, Southern Ocean Lodge is a sanctuary of refined comfort and luxe, Kangaroo Island style.


  • Car Ecometer

    Car Ecometer

    Work out the fuel consumption and environmental friendliness of your vehicle. Car Eco-meter by Vic EPA and RACV.


  • Go Get Car Share

    Go Get Car Share

    GoGet gives you all the benefits of a car - without the hassle and expense of owning one! As a member, you have access to a network of new cars parked locally which saves you time and money and lets you get more out of life... GoGet is perfect for people who don't need a car everyday or want to get rid of that second car. It


  • Climate Friendly

    Climate Friendly

    Climate Friendly support renewable energy projects like wind and solar energy that directly address the major cause of global warming through immediately replacing fossil fuels with clean energy production. Manage and reduce your carbon emissions and help slow global warming by purchasing carbon credits through Climate Friendly. Easily calculate your personal or business carbon footprint, offset your emissions and take immediate and meaningful action on climate change today. The money you spend supports new renewable energy projects that prevent as much greenhouse gas from entering our atmosphere as you have released.

  • Green Vehicle Guide

    Green Vehicle Guide

    By choosing a greener vehicle, 
you can make a real difference. The Green Vehicle Guide helps you by rating new Australian vehicles based on greenhouse and air pollution emissions. The rating is calculated using data provided by manufacturers from testing the vehicle against Australian standards.


  • Melbourne Bike Share

    Melbourne Bike Share

    Melbourne Bike Share is a new form of public transport, designed for short trips across the city. Simply purchase a subscription that suits you, take a bike when you need it and then return it to one of the 50 bike stations throughout the city.


  • Mudita Applied Ayurveda & Buddhist Psychology Retreats

    Mudita Applied Ayurveda & Buddhist Psychology Retreats

    At the Mudita Institute we help people around the world live their lives with greater peace, vitality, kindness and joy. Through our retreats, courses, talks and publications we help people to develop a strong foundation for lasting health and happiness - relieving stress, improving digestion and cultivating greater kindness towards themselves and others. Our teachings are based on the timeless wisdom of Ayurveda and Buddhist Psychology.


  • World Expeditions

    World Expeditions

    World Expeditions is one of the world's leading adventure travel companies offering ground-breaking itineraries on every continent. The company has been operating small group trekking and adventure travel holidays and vacations since 1975. We are widely recognized for ground breaking Responsible Tourism initiatives. In particular, the award winning Community Project Travel Program helps to improve the living conditions of some of the world’s most remote communities Today, with offices around the globe, we offer more than 500 stand-alone itineraries; small group active adventures and expeditions, cycling and walking tours and cultural journeys. Each itinerary has several scheduled departure dates throughout the season.


  • Green Hotels

    Green Hotels

    GreenHotels is the first network of Greek Eco Hotels. By the term "Eco Hotels" we refer to those hotels which are committed to environmental management and aim at: - Water saving - Waste reduction - Establishing Recycling Policies - Minimizing their Energy Footprint (ie the amount of carbon dioxide which is emitted at the atmosphere by everyday activities that require energy consumption) - Offering Biological and Local products to their guests - Using Renewable Energy Sources - Building an Environmental Culture and communicating it to staff and guests.

  • Flexicar


    Car sharing is a cheap, easy and green alternative to car ownership. Once you're a member, you can rent any Flexicar for 1 hour, up to 3 days. The cars live on a street near you!

    Carsharing is a cost-effective and convenient alternative to car ownership.