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Ugly discarded plastic is transformed into magical sculptures


Discarded plastic that was once seen as ugly waste, is transformed into ethereal and timeless sculptures by Canadian born multimedia artist Aurora Robson.

Aurora is predominantly known for her transformative works, which utilize plastic debris, found objects at the beach, excess packaging and junk mail.

Her upbringing in Maui has inspired her to develop a profound appreciation for nature and has driven her to be a subtle yet determined environmental activist.

Aurora is an advocate for plastic pollution awareness and has started an international collective of artists, designers and architects called Project Vortex. Like Aurora, the Project Vortex artists derive their inspiration from the realization that there is so much waste on Earth, Creating artworks that transform the plastic debris, which is found in our oceans and shorelines into works of art and design.

Robson says of her art, “I just like to work with materials that everyone is familiar with and restore a sense of wonder to them. I feel like there is so much to marvel at and so much that we all take for granted. I like to point those marvels out and remind people of how luck we are.”

Aurora has been living in New York for the part twenty years and has exhibited her creative installations all over the United States and Europe. More of her work can be seen on her website and

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