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Green Power, Energy & Water Saving / Water tanks

  • M2 Greener Living Solutions

    M2 Greener Living Solutions

    One stop shop for sustainable solutions.


    • Solar power, hot water systems, rainwater tanks, led lighting, underground water tanks, bladder tanks, pumps, pool & spa equipment, grey water system, garden beds and pots, clotheslines, etc.

  • Tankworks


    Made to measure custom made water tanks made of high quality steel with a polymer coating to withstand the harsh Australian environment. With a smaller carbon footprint than a poly water tank, and 100 percent recyclable steel they are the sustainable water tank choice for your future. For builders, plumbers, architects, engineers and DIY. Servicing most areas throughout Australia.


  • Rain water tanks direct

    Rain water tanks direct

    The benefits of rainwater for your home are great for your pocket and the environment. When you invest in a water tank, you will be able to collect most of the rain that falls on your roof if you have it connected to your gutters and downpipes. For example, if 10mm of rain falls onto about 100m2 of your roof, you will collect about 1000 Litres of rainwater into your water tank. Just imagine, after 4 days of light rain you could easily harvest around 4000 litres of rainwater.


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