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What can you do?


Every little thing you do can make a big difference


You don't have to be a fanatical environmentalist to make an impact.  Every single person has the power to make a difference. There are many little things that you can do to live more sustainably.  

EarthFirst's goal is to increase awareness of global issues that are affecting the health of our earth as well as our own. So that we can lead healthier lives that are eco conscious.

Select one of the options below to find out how you can  start making a difference at home, work, in your community:

  • Grow your own produce
  • Be more energy efficient
  • Learn about the harmful toxic chemicals around the house (cleaning products, paint, treated timber, etc.)
  • Buy recycled paper
  • Go carbon neutral
  • Buy energy efficient appliances
  • Buy local
  • Purchase seasonal fruit & veggies
  • Say no! to plastic bags
  • Educate yourself about the chemicals you ingest through food, cosmetic products and chemicals you're in contact with.
  • Eat healthy & buy organic
  • Teach the little ones about the earth; its animals and how to care for it.
  • Be informed and understand why we need to start making a change now, before its too late!