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World Environment Day 5th June - Green Economy: does it include you


World Environment Day, 2012, is coming! This day carries the premise that if enough individuals act, it will lead to a collective wave of change. This year’s theme is Green Economy: does it include you? It is hoped this day will motivate the establishment of a different type of world economy. The United Nations Environment Program (UNEP) wants us to construct an economy that is environmentally responsible, with low carbon emissions and increased resource efficiency, and one that is socially inclusive.

We are being encouraged to participate on June 5th. You can visit the UNEP website to get ideas. The day is about encouraging those around you to participate in green activities such as, green initiatives at school, creation of green jobs, thinking of ways to make existing businesses greener - anything you can think of. So become part of the collective and start organising today!

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