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The Ultimate Green Earth Guide

Investing Ethically & Finance

Please Note: EarthFirst does not endorse any business in this guide and is not in the business of providing financial advice. Any potential investor acting on any advice provided in this guide does so at their own risk. EarthFirst advises potential investors reading this guide to always seek financial advice from a financial advisor before investing. 

  • Ecogreen


    Australian mortgage brokers helping you help the planet with a carbon offset for your home loan. Carbon compensation turns regular loans into eco loans 


  • Australian Ethical Investment & Superannuation

    Australian Ethical Investment & Superannuation

    Since 1986 australian ethical has been helping people invest their savings and superannuation in an environmentally and socially positive way. Our investment products integrate personal values with financial decisions.


  • Investor Group on Climate Change

    Investor Group on Climate Change

    The IGCC represents institutional investors, with total funds under management of approximately $600 billion, and others in the investment community interested in the impact of climate change on investments. The IGCC aims to encourage government policies and investment practices that address the risks and opportunities of climate change, for the ultimate benefit of superannuants and unit holders. We aim to: -- Raise awareness of the potential impacts, both positive and negative, resulting from climate change to the investment industry, corporate, government and community sectors; -- Encourage best practices approaches to facilitate the inclusion of the impacts of climate change in investment analysis by the investment industry; and -- Provide information to assist the investment industry to understand and incorporate climate change into the investment decision.


  • 5oceans


    Five Oceans Asset Management is an international equities fund manager. We have a concentrated, non-index approach to building portfolios of listed global companies. We also integrate corporate sustainability issues, such as environmental, social and corporate governance, into our fundamental equity research


  • EcoInvestor magazine & Forums

    EcoInvestor magazine & Forums

    Eco Investor Media is a specialist environmental investment publisher and conference organizer. It is Australia's leading source of information about environmentally positive investments. Eco Investor's role is to help investors add and manage an environmental theme to their share portfolio. Eco Investor has developed a positive screen for environmental investments that is one of the most rigorous in the world. At present about 100 companies on the ASX meet these critieria. These companies have core activities that are solutions to environmental problems. These solutions include clean energy, clean technology, waste management, recycling, water management, chemical replacements, aquaculture, environmental engineering, energy efficiency, timber alternatives, carbon sinks, and others. We have five products to assist investors and entrepreneurs.


  • Cleantech Ventures

    Cleantech Ventures

    Cleantech Ventures is a specialist venture capital fund manager focused on investments in companies developing clean technologies. Cleantech, or Clean Technologies, are technologies which generate superior commercial benefits to customers whilst simultaneously addressing significant environmental concerns such as global warming, water scarcity, water quality and waste. These technologies include renewable energy, energy storage, biofuels, cleaner fossil fuel processes, water purification and waste water treatment, recycling, energy efficiency, pollution reduction and advanced materials (including nanotechnologies).


  • Starfish Ventures

    Starfish Ventures

    Starfish Ventures is an experienced venture capital manager that understands the challenges of building and managing high growth technology businesses from an Australian base. Our investment focus includes high growth information technology, life sciences, and clean technology companies.


  • HESTA Super Fund

    HESTA Super Fund

    HESTA was found to be one of the few clearly labeled green investing options by research conducted by EcoInvestor. HESTA offers the Eco Pool option. The Australian equities component of this option is invested in a fund managed by BT Funds Management with the ecological ratings determined by Monash Sustainability Enterprises.


  • Viridian Wealth Management

    Viridian Wealth Management

    Sustainable strategic Advice. Viridian Wealth Management Pty Ltd was founded by current Managing Director Steven Putt. Steve's primary focus is on building a Financial Planning business that provides sustainable solutions that meet and exceed client requirements.


    • Financial planning, wealth management, Tax Planning, Debt Management, Retirement Planning, Risk Management, Portfolio Management, Sustainable Responsible Investment, Philanthropic Services, Intergenerational Wealth Transfer

  • RIAA- Responsible Investment Association Australiasia

    RIAA- Responsible Investment Association Australiasia

    The Responsible Investment Association Australasia (RIAA) is the peak industry body for professionals working in responsible investment in Australia and New Zealand. Almost every financial adviser, fund manager and consultant working in responsible investment is a member of RIAA together with many other professionals who work towards similar goals. In addition to helping professionals in the industry, RIAA also helps individuals and organisations to learn more about how they can make investment choices that take environmental, social, ethical or governance issues into account as well as financial objectives.